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Battle of the San Marcos River (Habsburg Texas)

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Austrian Intervention in Texas


Battle of Galveston

Battle of the San Marcos River

13 May 1836, 9:30 am


13 May 1836, 3:30 pm


About 30 miles east of the Alamo, Texas


Austrian victory


Austrian Empire

Centralist Republic of Mexico


Major General Arthur von Wittelsbach

Major General Martín Perfecto de Cos (WIA)


9,000 men
45 guns

11,000 men
18 guns

Casualties and Losses

1,100 killed or wounded

2,300 killed or wounded
600 captured
1,200 missing

The Battle of the San Marcos River, fought in the morning and afternoon of 13 May 1836, was the first of two major battles in the Austrian Intervention of Texas. The battle was a major victory for the Austrians. De Cos' Army of Retaliation was dealt a heavy defeat, with the general himself wounded, forcing Santa Anna to re-deploy his own army in an attempt to deal with Wittelsbach.

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