Battle of the Balkans
Date 3 December 1805
Location Balkans
Result Decisive Turkish victory
Flag of Turkey Ottoman Empire

Austria 2 (Nat. 1848) Austria

Commanders and leaders

Flag of Turkey Muhammad Ali Pasha

Austria 2 (Nat. 1848) Ferdinand I of Austria

8,000 soldiers 760 soldiers
Casualties and losses

1233 men killed, wounded, or missing in action

414 men killed, wounded, or missing in action

The Battle of the Balkans was a military engagement that occurred on December 3, 1805, and led to the Austrian defeat at the Battle of Vienna. This battle was considered the beginning of the end for the Austrian Empire, whose main force was decimated, and then retreated and defeated at Vienna.

The Turkish force pushed up through Istanbul and into the Balkans, and defeated a small unit at the border, and later poured into Austria. When the Austrian army confronted them, they were decimated by an "wall of fire" from Ottoman muskets and cannons.

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