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Battle of Xiangtan (Two Chinas)

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Battle of Xiangtan
Part of The Pacific War (Two Chinas)
Date 28 April- 18 May 1987
Location Xiangtan, Hunan, People's Republic of China and surround areas
Result Tactical PFB Victory
Pacfic Freedom Brigade:
  • United States: 1st Marines, 100th Infantry Battalion
  • Republic of China: 3rd Light Artillery Division, North Chinese Expedition Force
  • Japan: 1st Division
Communist Alliance
  • People's Republic of China: People's Liberation Army, Xiangtan People's Proletariat Army, People's Volunteer Army
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea: Korean People's Army, Chinese Korean Workers' Army
Commanders and leaders
General Lee Yu-Peng, General James Mathis Sgt Major Eng Yo-Seng, Lt. Corporal Zhu Yi-Wei
United States: 500
  • ROC: 740
  • Japan: 450
  • Total: 1690
PRC: 2000
  • DPRK: 700
  • Total: 2700
Casualties and losses
US: 80 KIA, 160 WIA

ROC: 120+ KIA, 150 WIA Japan: 70 KIA, 90 WIA

PRC: 800+ KIA, 100 WIA, 400+ POW
  • DPRK: 300+ KIA, 90 WIA, 70 POW

Section heading

The Battle of Xiangtan

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