Battle of Weiden
Location Weiden, Germany
Date February 14 1921
Armies Involved German Army (Kaiser Wilhelm II), French Imperial Guard (Emperor Napoleon IV), Soviet Army (General Josef Stalin), Bulgarian Army (General Vladim Karmor)
Result European Alliance Major Victory
Victims EA: 256,900; Big 5: 898,000

Bold: EA Armies Italic: Big Five Armies


After the rapid progression through Poland, defeating a few German battalions on road, the Soviet army marched toward Silesia and Prussia, the core of Germany. In the south, Stalin's divisions were advancing slowly through Bavaria, due to the resistance from irregulars. The German Army now led personally by the Kaiser, marches south from Saxony, into Bohemia, and into Bavaria. It meets the Soviet army at the small town on Weiden, on the road from Berlin to Vienna. The 1st Red Army and the 3rd Red Army led by General Stalin are met by the stronger German 1st Army and the French 2nd Army. The German troops are supported by field artillery, and a small aviation squadron. On the other hand, the Soviets had lost many of their best units in the Tyrolean Battles in 1920. Stalin only had a small aviation division. On February 14th 1921, the battle began. The EA troops, standing in a tight square, with machine guns at the ready were facing the Soviet peasant army, who commanded a few horses and machine guns. General Stalin ordered the attack on the EA square. His peasant and horses were massacred under the stream of bullets. While the peasants were falling back toward their trenches, General Stalin ordered yet another attack, supported by aviation. The German Fokkers met the Russian SPADs in the air, while the peasant and horses were once again massacred by a joint ground-air attack. By the end of the day, the Soviet 1st and 3rd Armies were in shambles. General Stalin had lost a large amount of troops, and his invasion task force was forced to retreat to Munich. His retreat was followed closely by the victorious EA troops. By the end of February, the Soviet forces had been forced to leave Bavaria and retreat to safer ground in Austria.

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