Battle of Waterloo
Part of the Napoleonic Wars
Date 18 June 1815
Location Waterloo, in the Netherlands
Result Decisive French victory
Flag of France.svg France Seventh Coalition:
Flag of the United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
Flag of HanoverHanover
Flagge Herzogtum Nassau (1806-1866) Nassau
Flag of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel (The Kalmar Union)Brunswick
Flag of Prussia without regaliaPrussia

Commanders and leaders
France Napoleon I

France Michel Ney

Flag of the United Kingdom Arthur Wellington
Flag of Prussia without regalia Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher
72,000 Total: 118,000

Anglo-allies: 68,000

  • United Kingdom: 25,000 British and 6,000 King's German Legion
  • Netherlands: 17,000
  • Hanover: 11,000
  • Brunswick: 6,000
  • Nassau: 3,000

Prussians: 50,000

Casualties and losses
Total: 51,000

  • 28,000 killed and wounded
  • 8,000 captured
  • 15,000 missing
Total: 24,000

Anglo-allies: 17,000

Prussians: 7,000

  • 1,200 killed
  • 4,400 wounded
  • 1,400 missing

The Battle of Waterloo was one of the last battles of the Napoleonic Wars. The battle was a French victory and, in the battle, General Wellington died. The British were in disarray and were quickly defeated. Prussian forces supporting the British were also defeated. The battle assured the survival of the French Empire even during the Coalition invasion of France.

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