Battle of Washington
Ww2 1

July 7, 1941


January 13, 1942


Washington DC, US


Decisive Union victory


US flag with 29 stars by Hellerick United States

Confederate Rebel Flag Confederate States


US flag with 29 stars by Hellerick Jacob L. Devers

Confederate Rebel Flag Alexander Patch




Casualties and Losses



The Battle of Washington (July 7, 1941 - January 13, 1942) was a major battle of World War II in the North American theater. The Confederacy fought the United States for control of the United States de jure capital, Washington DC. Confederate dictator Hugo Black's plan of using lightning warfare to take the capital failed as millions of Americans rallied to defend their nation. US President Franklin Roosevelt led the nation from inside a bunker in Washington DC as the battle raged above him.

The Confederates quickly took control over the remaining bridges across the Potomac, and entered the city. Stubborn American resistance prevented a quick Confederate victory, and both fought constant close-quarters combat as every building and street was fought for. The Confederate plan of achieving air superiority failed, and as the fighting dragged on the United States began to reinforce their troops better and outproduce and outsupply the Confederates. A last ditch attempt by the Confederates to encircle the city by taking Baltimore was defeated, and from here the Americans went on the counterattack.

Taking over several bridges to the west of Washington that the Confederates failed to destroy, the Americans encirlced Washington DC and trapped the Confederates inside. The Confederates, running out of food and supplies, surrendered on January 13, 1942. The Battle of Washington was one of the bloodiest battles of war, with nearly 1.5 million casualties in total.

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