The Battle of Vannes took place during the First Aquitainian War. It was in Brittany. England and France were facing off yet again.


John of Montfort landed on Brittany with only 3000 men. Their plan was just to scout while a larger force land later. However, 5000 Frenchmen met them 20 miles from the coast. It had been raining for three hours which was an advantage for the British. The British put their 1000 longbowmen on a big hill while 1500 knights and 500 spearmen defended the base of the hill. The French had 4000 knights with 1000 cavalry, which was another disadvantage with no range attacks.

The Battle

The French quickly sent 2000 men to defeat the 1500 knights at the base. However, thinking they were out of range of arrows, they stopped to see movement. The English spearmen went higher up the hill as a distraction. The English then fired a volley and the French were not ready. 200 Frenchmen were estimated to die during that hail of arrows. The French quickly charged the base before more arrows could come this way. Unfortunately, many more shots were taken and the morale of the French knights faltered. By the time they reached the English, they were out of breath. The English knights destroyed them. Only 100 English knights were wounded. The other 2000 knights were closer to the English and set up their attack. Moments later, the French created a small opening for the 1000 mounted knights. The cavalry ripped through the small amount of soldiers in the opening. The cavalry was supposed to turn around and strike at the English's turned backs, but one horse slipped which created huge problems. The 500 English spearmen struck the horses. The cavalry soon fled. The French knights lost heart and retreated.


After the French retreated, the main landing force arrived. The English quickly swept east and slayed any retreating Frenchmen. Article created by Mumakil357

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