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Battle of Uxbridge
Days After Chaos
Part of Wars of William Washburn
Date 25 March 1879
Location Uxbridge, Massachusetts
Result Decisive Worcester Victory
Worcester Providence
Commanders and leaders
William B. Washburn

The Battle of Uxbridge was a decisive Worcester victory under the command of William B. Washburn against the Governorship of Providence during the Wars of William Washburn. The battle would begin on 25 March 1879 with Worcester forces engaging with a Providence army outside the town of Uxbridge, in the north of the Governorship of Province's territory.

The victory at Uxbridge would be the first Worcester victory against the Governorship of Providence, allowing Washburn to advance south and lay siege to the city of Providence itself soon after.


With much of central Massachusetts secured, Washburn marched on Providence, the capital of a unified presidency consisting of much of the surrounding area. Isolated and cut off from much of the surrounding area, Providence held a series of strong defenses, as well as a long army and navy, which Washburn sought to capture.

On 25 March 1879 Washburn engaged against Providence forces outside the town of Uxbridge. The Providence forces had attempted to cut off Washburn's supply lines while marching east, causing Washburn to counter march his forces south toward Uxbridge.

Initially, Washburn selected what appeared to be unfavorable ground, taking the Providence forces by surprise, who then elected to hold their position, while Washburn's infantry took up defensive positions. Unknown to them Washburn personally led his best cavalry against the Providence left up against the hills, and cut up the enemy on the less encumbering terrain and thereby generating a quick rout. After achieving a breakthrough on the left, Washburn managed to direct the difficult task of keeping the cavalry in check while engaged on the Providence flank. Washburn then led a direct assault against the enemey. The Providence troops, realizing they had lost, either surrendered or fled with their hapless leaders. Washburn's cavalry pursued the fleeing forces for as long as there was light. Remaining forces on the battlefield were pursued and slaughtered, as Washburn marched into the town.

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