Battle of Trafalgar
Date 21 October 1805
Location Cape Trafalgar, Spain
Result Decisive Franco-Spanish victory

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom

Flag of France First French Empire

Flag of Spain Spain

Commanders and leaders

Flag of the United Kingdom Horatio Nelson

Flag of the United Kingdom Cuthbert Collingwood

Flag of France Pierre-Charles Villeneuve

Flag of Spain Federico Gravina

33 ships

(27 ships of the line and 6 others.)

41 ships

(France: 18 ships of the line and 8 others. Spain: 15 ships of the line)

Casualties and losses

Great Britain:

  • 458 men killed or wounded
  • 1,208 wounded


  • 2 ship lost
  • 1 ship captured
  • 440 men killed or wounded


  • 3 ships lost
  • 1 captured
  • 689 men killed or wounded

The Battle of Trafalgar was an military engagement on October 21, 1805, and resulted in the defeat of the British fleet under the command of Horatio Nelson.

The battle was an major turning point in the war, as it led to an embarrassment for the Britain, espically the British Royal Navy, an morale boost in France, and an military achievement by Napoleon. This defeat for the British left Great Britain undefended and unprepared for a possible French invasion, which was around the corner for both the British and the French.

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