Breitenfeld and Luetzen Timeline
Battle of Breitenfeld
Battle of Luetzen
Battle of Tabor
Battle of Pisek
Sack of Vienna
Battle of Amsterdam
Battle of Luxembourg
Seige of Besançon
Battle of Cologne
Battle of Thuringia
Battle of Munich
Second Seige of Magdeburg

The Battle of Tábor was a siege of the Habsburg Catholic forces which sought to dethrone Wallenstein, and create another front for Gustavus Adolphus's forces.

Habsburg forces arrived in the vicinity of Tábor early March of 1633. While the attackers did successfully lay siege to a contingent of Wallenstein's forces for the better part of a month and a half, they were not prepared for the arrival of Swedish support so early in the year.

Swedish forces were able to set siege to the Habsburg forces, and in a concerted attack were able to rout them as they were confronted with assault through Tábor's now famous tunnel systems.

Those Habsburg forces that were able to retreat did so, seeking to dress their wounds and otherwise regroup at nearby Pisek. Wallenstein and Gustav Adolphus quickly put spurs to their forces, driving them on against the Habsburgs at Písek. The resulting Battle of Pisek resulted in further demoralization to the eastern Habsburgs and turned a bloodied nose into a profound defeat.

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