Battle of the Sulu Sea
Destroyed malaysian ship

December 1, 2008


June 4, 2009


Sulu Sea


Malaysian victory


Flag of Malaysia Malaysia

Flag of the Philippines Philippines


Flag of Malaysia Sharafuddin I. Shah
Flag of Malaysia Azizul Amal

Flag of the Philippines Datu Issa Kiram
Flag of the Philippines Datu Michael Yakub
Flag of the Philippines Datu Ismail Luntok


34 torpedo boats
6 vessels

24 torpedo boats

Casualties and Losses

23 torpedo boats sunk
3 vessels destroyed
93 killed
30 injured

20 torpedo boats sunk
122 killed
94 more injured

The Battle of the Sulu Sea (Malay: Pertempuran Laut Sulu, Filipino: Labanan ng Dagat sa Sulu) was a naval battle fought between the Royal Malaysian Navy and the Philippine Navy in Sulu Sea, around the areas of Zamboanga City and the Sulu Archipelago during the Borneo War.

The battle began shortly after Malaysia declared war on Philippines in 1968. The battle started with Malaysian naval forces attacking Philippine patrols around Sabah and the Sulu Archipelago.

With the Sulu Sea now under majority-Malaysian control, vessels transported Malaysian troops for a land invasion of the southern Philippines.

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