Battle of South Ossetia (World War III 2014)
Part of World War III
Date 13 May 2014 - 28 May 2014
Location South Ossetia
  • anti-coalition victory
  • Coalition withdrawal from South Ossetia
Anti-coalition forces
Flag of RussiaRussia
Flag of ArmeniaArmenia
Flag of South OssetiaSouth Ossetia
Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaChina (air only)
Coalition forces
Flag of GeorgiaGeorgia
Flag of the United StatesUnited States
Flag of TurkeyTurkey
Flag of GermanyGermany
Flag of SpainSpain
Flag of ItalyItaly
Flag of South KoreaSouth Korea
Flag of GreeceGreece
153,000 187,000
Casualties and losses
4,200 3,900

The Battle of South Ossetia was a World War III battle that took place in South Ossetia in May 2014. It began as a result of a Georgian invasion of South Ossetia, a Russian puppet state. During this battle, Georgia had support from some of its coalition allies. Due to losses and little progress, coalition forces withdrew from South Ossetia on May 28th.

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