Battle of Slavkov u Brna
Date November 18 – December 2, 1938
Place Around Slavkov u Brna, Czechoslovakia
Result Decisive Czech victory
Nazi Germany Germany Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
Soviet Union Soviet Union
Commanders and leaders
Nazi Germany Gen.Maj. Joachim Lemelsen
(CO of 29. Inf.Div. (mot.)

Nazi Germany Oberst Josef Harpe
(CO of 2. Panzer-Bde.)

Czechoslovakia Brig. Gen. František Kravák †
(CO of 20. divize "Bernolák")
Czechoslovakia Brig. Gen. Ludvík Svoboda
(CO of 20. divize "Bernolák")
Nazi Germany Germany:
Three infantry regiments and one artillery regiment of 29. Inf.Div. (mot.), one tank regiment from 2. Panzer-Bde.
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia:
One regiment and one artillery regiment of 20. divize 'Bernolák' (11,000 men)
Soviet Union Soviet Union: Two regiments of the 45th Rifle Division and a company of the 36th Tank Brigade

The Battle of Slavkov u Brna, also known as the Second Battle of Austerlitz (a reference to the battle in 1805 during the Napoleonic Wars).


Opposing forces

Nazi Germany Germany Nazi Germany

  • 29. Infanterie-Division (mot.)
  • CO: Gen.Maj. Joachim Lemelsen
    • Infanterie-Regiment 15 (mot.)
      • I./Infanterie-Regiment 15
      • II./Infanterie-Regiment 15
      • III./Infanterie-Regiment 15
    • Infanterie-Regiment 71 (mot.)
      • I./Infanterie-Regiment 71
      • II./Infanterie-Regiment 71
      • III./Infanterie-Regiment 71
    • Artillerie-Regiment 29
    • Maschinengewehr-Btl. 59
    • 3 Pz.Regt. (CO: Oberst Josef Harpe) - from the 2 Panzer-Battalion of the 2. Panzer-Division.

Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia

At the start of the battle, the Czechs had only limited troops available east of Brno as the main forces of the IV. armáda 'Neruda' was either falling back to the final defensive line further east or falling back toward Prague and central Bohemia.

  • 20. divize 'Bernolák'
  • CO: Brig. Gen. František Kravák (killed in action on November 18, 1938)
    From December 19: Brig. Gen. Ludvík Svoboda
    • Pěší pluk 67
      • I./Pěší pluk 67
      • II./Pěší pluk 67
      • III./Pěší pluk 67
    • Pěší pluk 59 (from November 22)
      • II./Pěší pluk 59
    • Dělostřelecký pluk 20
    • Telegrafní prapor 20

Soviet Union Soviet Union Soviet Union

The Battle

František Kravák

The commander of the 20. divize 'Bernolák' , Brig. Gen. František Kravák, was killed when his headquarters in Mutěnice was targeted by German artillery on November 18, 1938.

Ludvík Svoboda

Lt.Col. Ludvík Svoboda was only a reserve staff officer in Slavkov u Brna when his superior was killed. Due to the lack of qualified officers, he was promoted and given the command of the division on November 19, 1938.

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