Battle of Sestus
Part of Thracian invasion of Chersonese
Date 357 BCE
Location Sestus, Thracian Chersonese
Result Decisive Athenian Victory
Athenian Re-annexation of Thracian Chersonese
Athenian Empire Kingdom of Thrace
Commanders and leaders
First General Helmetrus King Cersobleptes
21,000 16,000
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown
 The Battle of Sestus was a military encounter between the forces of Athens under General Helmetrus, and the King of Thrace and is nations army. The battle was a consequence of Thracian hostility, and the eventual invasion of Athenian territory in the peninsula of Chersonese. The Athenian army, despite engaging on foreign territory, was able to defeat the Thracian armies over the course of a single day, forcing the King to sue for peace. 

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