The Battle of Seskanie was an engagement on July 24, 1886 at the American village of Seskanie in the northernmost region of the state of Nebraska. The battle was an overwhelmingly decisive Alaskan victory aided by a cavalry charge and their Sioux allies, as well as the lack of preparation by the American commanders. The battle resulted in the deaths of almost 9,000 American soldiers as well as an additional 20,000 wounded, against only 750 Alaskans killed and 1,800 wounded, making it one of the most disproportionate battles in the war. The losses at Seskanie would result in the head of the American Army of the Dakotas, Howard Luther, being sacked in favor of Peter W. Urban, and set up the advance of Andrey Zukhov to Omaha in late August. It was the first Alaskan victory within the borders of a US state (as all previous Alaskan victories on American soil had occurred in territories, not admitted states). After Burrard and Evgenigrad, it was the worst loss for the United States in the entire war.

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