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Battle of Santiago
Fotography of MIR troops in an rural zone.
Santiago, Chile, burning
Aerial view of Santiago de Chile, after the battle.

April, 1974


Central Chile


Chilean Government Victory


Flag of Chile Chilean Armed Forces

Anti-Pinochet Rebels


Flag of Chile Gral. Augusto Pinochet
Flag of Chile Javier Palacios
Flag of Chile Manuel Contreras †

Flag of MIR (Chile) Miguel Enriquez
Flag of MAPU Oscar Garretón †


Flag of Chile II Army Division

Flag of MIR (Chile) MIR: 3,200
Flag of MAPU MAPU-Lautaro: 2,000
Communists: 3,000

Casualties and Losses




The Battle of Santiago was a series of fights around the chilean capital of Santiago, during the South Pacific War.


On February 12, the Santiagan Armed Forces initiated an invasion in the south of Chile, while, in parallel, a great number of uprisings organized by opposed groups to the dictatorship started taking place in the center - south of the country, taking by surprise to the Chilean troops. In matter of days, the rebel units gained the control of several localities, which forced to the Chilean Army to withdraw, specially to defend the capital, Santiago.



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