Battle of Saguntum

3 . March 217 BC

Part of :

Second Punic war


Saguntum, Iberia


Ibero-Roman Victory

  • Saguntian Kingdom
  • Roman Republic
  • Edetani warriors
  • King Ditalcon III.†
  • Indortes
  • Prince Culcas†
  • Marcus Flavius
  • Hannibla Barca
  • Maharbal
160,000 280,000
Casualties and Losses


Phase 1

After being besieged for five months, the Saguntians lost hope for breaking the siege. On the 3rd March, Hannibal managed to break the gates of the city. With 150,000 men Hannibal attacks the defenders - 60,000 defenders

Meanwhile, a force of 20,000 Edetani warriors under Prince Culcas arrived and attacked the Carthaginians from behind. The Carthaginians under Hannibal decided to attack the Edetani and battle their way through.

Meanwhile, Maharbal, Hannibal's commander, attacked the Edatani warriors. At the gates of Saguntum, Prince Culcas died, and Hannibal retreated to OTL Pusol.

Phase 2

Meanwhile, Indortes arrived and entered Saguntum. His forces attacked the Carthaginians and pushed them out from the city.

After that, the Iberians attacked the Carthaginians on a plain to the south of the city. In the battle, King Ditalcon was slain, but after that, some 40,000 Romans arrived under Marcus Flavius.

Hannibal decided to retreat after realizing that half of his army was beaten.

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