Battle of Saena
Part of The Anarchy
Milvian Bridge Crop
The Battle of Saena (2491 AUC)
Date July 5, 795
Location Saena, Roman Empire
Result Decisive Corbuloan victory
Corbuloan forces Imperial forces
Commanders and leaders
Domitius Corbulo Flavius Vespasianus†
20,000 35,000
Casualties and losses
5,000 18,000

The Battle of Saena was conflict that took place on 5 July, 795 between the Imperial Roman army led by Flavius Vespasianus and forces led by the pretender to Rome, Domitius Corbulo. The battle takes it's name from the town of Saena, the nearest town to which the battle took place.

The battle was fought primarily on mountainous terrain as Imperial forces attempt to take high ground against the numerically inferior opponents who managed to surround them, forcing the Imperial army into a small valley. Attempt after attempt was made by the general Vespasianus to take high ground, however, the defense of the mountains proved too great for the loyalist legions.

During one final charge to take the hills and mountains, the Imperial general was captured by the Corbulo and immediately put to death. The pretender's victory marked an end to the reign of Tacitus and his mother-regent Agrippina the Younger, and the beginning of Corbulo's seventeen year rule.

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