The battle of Richmond

August 18th


August 19th


Richmond, Virginia


British victory



American rebels


William Howe, John Burgoyne

Benedict Arnold, Adam Stephan




Casualties and Losses



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The battle for Richmond took place on August 18th, 1778, and was the last major battle of the American Revolt. The battle was a failed attempt by Benedict Arnold to retake Richmond, an effort that ended in bloody failure.

The battle is divided into three attacks, each by the Americans on Richmond. The first started at 5:47, local time, on August 18th. Benedict Arnold and the other top generals had been given bad information; they believed there were only 15,000 British soldiers in the city, and that they were not yet ready to fight. As a result, the American army marched toward the city, in a straight line. Of course, the British were prepared, and there was many more of them then the Americans thought. The attack was brutally repulsed, killing at least 1000 Americans, and wounding many more.

The second attack was slightly more effective than the first. The attack was two pronged, designed to overwhelm the British forces. Initially, it was effective, pushing the British back, away from the fortifications. However, as the two prongs pushed the British away, both were attacked at the flanks. The American army was forced back, but this time they managed to inflict significant damage to the British as well.

The third attack was an poorly planned attack, with no real leadership. The attack failed, with high casualties for the Americans. However, the British had very few killed. As the attack was going on, the British surrounded the Americans, catching them in a panicked retreat. The Americans were trapped, and most were captured, killed or wounded. The few who escaped fled, and most simply returned to their normal lives. This ended the battle, and essentially the war as well.

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