Battle of Rajasthan
Part of Arab Conquest of Hind
Date 730 CE
Location Rajasthan, Hind
Result Decisive Arab victory, Beginning of Arab Invasion of Hind
Umayyad Arab expansion continued to northern Hind.
Gurjara-Pratihara Ummayad Caliphate
Commanders and leaders
Bappa Rawal
Naghabhata I
Junayd ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Murri
Tamim ibn Zaid al-Utbi
40,000 Rajputs
100,000 Arabs

The Battle of Rajasthan was a battle (or series of battles), fought in 738 CE, where Gurjara-Pratihara was defeated by invading Arab armies, and was pushed out of Rajasthan. The final battle took place somewhere on the borders of modern-day Sindh and Rajasthan. Arab armies captured Sindh and Rajasthan, and the Arabs sent troops to Punjab soon afterward. The Muslim conquest of Persia by Arab forces in a short space of time gave Arabs the confidence to invade India which was successful, but many casualties were suffered and Hindu techniques were learned for the sake of victory.