Battle of Pulkovo
Part of Russian Civil War
Date November 8-13, 1917
Location Petrograd, RSFSR
Result Bolshevik victory; defeat of counterattack.
Flag of RussiaAleksandr Kerensky Flag of Russian SFSR (1918-1937)Vladimir Lenin and others.
700 men (600 of which cavalry)

2 cannons

1 armored car

5,000 men (and women)
Casualties and losses
8 Cossacks Unknown
The Battle of Pulkovo (otherwise called the Kerensky-Krasnov Rebellion) was an attempt by deposed Aleksandr Kerensky to take power back from the Bolshevik Party. He appointed Don Cossack Piotr Krasnov to lead the attack. The counterrevolutionary forces were successful in capturing Tsarskoye Selo, but were beaten at Pulkovo. Kerensky went into exile in France afterwards. Precise casualty figures are not clear.