Battle of Pretoria
Part of the South African Campaign of the Second World War
Date 7 August 1941 - 10 December 1945
Location Pretoria and Johannesburg, People's Union of South Africa
Result Allied victory; installation of the Provisional Republic of South Africa; British and Dutch forces driven out of South Africa for rest of war

United States of America
Republic of South Africa
Empire of Japan
Union of Iberia


People's Republic of England and Wales
People's Union of South Africa
People's Republic of Netherlands

United States: 7000

RSA: 1500
Japan: 5000
Union of Iberia: 2000

PREW: 10,000

PUSA: 7600
Netherlands: 3000

Casualties and losses
United States: 675 killed, 2000 WIA

South Africa: 349 killed, 1000 WIA Japan: 529 killed, 1219 WIA
Iberia: 390 killed, 1400 WIA

PREW: 3599 killed, 6000 POW/WIA

PUSA: 2769 killed, 4307 POW/WIA Netherlands: 1733 killed, 1000 POW/WIA

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