Battle of Plzeň
Part of Invasion of Czechoslovakia
German troops in Plzeň (FG)
German soldiers preparing for an assault on Czech positions in the Škoda Works factories west of Plzeň on October 22, 1938.
Date October 18 – October 27, 1938
Place Plzeň, Czechoslovakia
Result German victory
Nazi Germany Germany Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
Commanders and leaders
Nazi Germany Gen.Lt. Conrad v. Cochenhausen
(CO of 10. Infanterie-Division)
Nazi Germany Gen.Lt. Erich Friderice
(CO of 17. Infanterie-Division)
Nazi Germany Major Kurt Thomas
(CO of Pz.Abt. 65)
Flag of Czechoslovakia Brig. Gen. Jan Kloud †
(CO of Hraniční oblast 32)
Flag of Czechoslovakia Brig. Gen. Valentin Pozdíšek
(CO of 2. divize)
10. Infanterie-Division
17. Infanterie-Division
Pz.Abt. 65 of 1. Leichte Division
12 infantry battalions
6 artillery batteries (mostly 100 mm howitzers)
Various units who had retreated into the city from elsewhere
Casualties and losses
684 killed
918 wounded
15 tanks destroyed
1,200 killed
700 wounded
2,000 captured

Invasion of Czechoslovakia
Battle of the Border
Opava    Bruntál    Šatov    Znojmo    Křelovice   České Budějovice

Bohemian front
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Moravian front
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Polish front
Zaolzie Campaign

Hungarian invasion of Czechoslovakia
Komárno    Levice    Nitra    Zvolen    Kosiče    Užhorod    Trenčín

The Battle of Plzeň (sometimes called the Siege of Plzeň) was a battle for the control over the Czech city of Plzeň between the Czechoslovak Army and the invading German Army. The city was one of the main industrial centres in Czechoslovakia, being the home of the famous Škoda Works (Škodovy závody), Czechoslovakias leading arms manufacturer.

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