Breitenfeld and Luetzen Timeline
Battle of Breitenfeld
Battle of Luetzen
Battle of Tabor
Battle of Pisek
Sack of Vienna
Battle of Amsterdam
Battle of Luxembourg
Seige of Besançon
Battle of Cologne
Battle of Thuringia
Battle of Munich
Second Seige of Magdeburg

The Battle of Písek was a final pummeling of the eastern Habsburg forces that had sought to ouster Wallenstein from Bohemia with the initial siege of Tabor, which became the Battle of Tabor.

Under direct leadership of Wallenstein and Gustav Adolphus, Bohemian and Swedish troops attacked and drove back the Austrian invaders. In a series of skirmishes in and around Písek, it became clear to Gustavus Adolphus that Wallenstein would not be allowed to remain neutral for the duration of the war, should the Habsburgs not be taught a sound lesson.

Following stringent negotiations, the two armies proceeded on to Vienna, for while the Habsburgs had thought the war to be on a winter hiatus, their foolhardy foray to the north had stirred the proverbial hornets nest. While Habsburg forces were otherwise occupied in the west of Germany, they were about to be trounced on their home territory at the Sack of Vienna.

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