The Battle of Pevensey

Late Night, 13th October 1066


Early Morning, 14th October 1066


Battle near Pevensey, England


Decisive Saxon victory

  • Anglo-Saxons
  • Vikings
  • Soldiers of Bayeux
  • Normans
  • Harold Godwinson (AS)
  • Harald Hadrada (V)
  • Tostig (V)
  • Odo of Bayeux (SB)
  • William, Duke of Normandy



Casualties and Losses


117 (ransomed)

The Battle of Pevensey occurred mid-October 1066 between Normans forces and the short lived Anglish Alliance.

Account of the Battle by Tostig, found and published in 1976

The battle began late at night as the moon was going down, a fleet flying the flags of Normandy landed in the bay of Pevensey. They mustered their forces but something was amiss. A battle was ensuing betwen the Norman forces. We were soon sent news by a messenger that Odo of Bayeux wished to assist my brother. We agreed and I was sent with a band of skirmishers to assist the attack.

It was now that the Hadrada told me to draw back up the hill. I agreed and my troops began hiding behind his troops as the Odo led his troops behind Harolds defensive shield. Then the Normans started a surge up the hill and I told my troops to prepare to fire. The Normans below were soon quite depleted but Harald was also being attacked and we drew back again. Both sides regrouped and about an hour later the battle continued.

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