The Battle of Paris was a battle between German forces against the British and French, as well as troops from other nations, but their contributions are low and so don't really effect the battle's outcome. It was a German victory, and with this, France surrendered. Germany create Weaker France in the south.

Events before the Battle

Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire had all defeated the Russians in the East. They soon had two revolutions which turned into civil war both times. This ended the Eastern Front, and millions of German troops could go to the West and defeat the Allies there. The Germans quickly overran the French and British forces and fighting became mobile again. The Allies were soon in retreat, and German forces reached the outskirts of Paris in 1917. This is what began the Battle of Paris.

The Battle

In the Battle, three million Germans fought against 2 million French men and 900,000 British men. The British couldn't contribute more men because they had been planning an invasion of Belgium to relieve pressure off the front lines. The Battle lasted for a year before finally the French and British lost
French Lookout

French Soldier looks out for any approaching Germans

the battle. During the battle, the French Government gave the orders to blow up the Effiel Tower. The generals relunctly agreed, but due to shortages of shells, they just let the Germans fire theirs. The Effiel Tower was damaged, and it wasn't repaired for another 30 years because the Germans kept it that way as a sign of their victory over it's enemies. During the battle, both the Germans and the French lost a million men, while the British lost 300,000 men.

Battle's Aftermaths and Effects

The French surrendered a few months after the battle ended after much debate, planning, and an approaching German army. France was lost, and this hurt the Allies's morale even more. The Battle helped Germany win the war, and it shows the decline of Western Europe's power.

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