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Battle of New Bedford
Days After Chaos
Part of Wars of William Washburn
Location New Bedford, Massachusetts
Result Decisive Worcester Victory
Worcester New Bedford
Commanders and leaders
William B. Washburn

The Battle of New Bedford was a decisive Worcester victory under the command of William B. Washburn against the Governorship of New Beford during the Wars of William Washburn.


To earn the trust of the captured and refitted Providence units, Washburn next marched on New Bedford, Providence's sworn enemy and rival. With a large navy at his command, Washburn ordered a naval assault of the area. Knowing well that a direct confrontation with the entire New Bedford navy would be a costly battle, the Providence ships were ordered to raid trade ships and smaller vessels, harassing the enemy ships and trade routs as much as possible. His navy and a few units of infantry launched an assault on Edgartown, taking the island of Martha's Vineyard after a swift siege. This drew much of the New Bedford navy away from the city, and when Washburn surrounded New Bedford he was able to take the city.

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