The Battle of Moscow was a battle between German forces and the UCS. It ended with a German victory mainly becaused the city was surrounded and no additional forces could aid the Russians there. This was the last battle fought in the Second Great War. This victory caused the UCS to surrender followed by the Turkish and the British.

Events before the Battle

The Second Great War began in 1934 when Germany invaded the UCS as a pre-empitive strike on Russian forces. Germany made rapid advances in the UCS, however, when Great Britain invaded Northern France, Germany had to send troops there and not to the Front Line in the UCS, allowing the UCS to regroup. Germany launched Operation Enduring Reich and surrounded Moscow. The Battle soon began

The Battle

The Russian commanders knew there was no way to save Moscow. However, Stalin forced them to fight to the death. The Russian army was badly equiped, most of their weapons were abonded when fleeing from the advancing German forces. They had little food, and most of the supplies they did have wouldn't last for long. The Siege was working and the Russians couldn't get supplies or troops into the city. After a year of fighting, bombardment, starvation, and death, the Russian forces wasn't able to keep fighting and was about to surrender. When Stalin told his men to keep fighting, the army just collapsed and the Germans entered the city without encountering any major resistance. They soon took the city, and the Moscow Pact surrendered.

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