Riot Moscow

Riot police attempting to curb the violence

The Battle of Moscow was the term coined for the widespread riots that occurred across Moscow in the aftermath of the assassination of Boris Yeltsin. The clashes occurred between Democratic sympathizers out to avenge Yeltsin's death and Communist militia groups. The Russian military and police tried to keep order but due to the lack of governmental communication in the wake of Yeltsin's assassination, few soldiers arrived in Moscow. The riots lasted nearly three weeks before they were ended by the government. In total, nearly 1,500 people were killed in the riots and the battle is believed to have been the cause of the Moscow Purges.

Battle Of Moscow: August 20-September 11 1991

Pro-Democratic protesters

Communist and Fascist militia and sympathizers Russian Government army and Police
Thousands Thousands

600 Riot Police

200 Soviet uniform soldiers

154 killed

5,700 wounded

350 killed

7,800 wounded

81 Riot Police and 75 soldiers killed.

400 wounded

712 unaffiilated or unidentified civilians killed, 130 missing.

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