Walloon Riots

Battle of Mons

April 10, 1915, 7:45 (local time)


April 10, 1915, 20:15 (local time)


Mons, Kingdom of Belgium


Decisive Belgian victory


Flag of Belgium Kingdom of Belgium

Flag of Royalist France French State
Flag of the French Walloon movement Rattachist riots


King Albert of Belgium

Édouard Drumont



5,000 (French contingent)
20-25,000 (Rattachiste rioters)

Casualties and Losses

25 KIA, 70 WIA

between 215 (Belgian estimate) and 1,000 (Drumontian estimate)

The Battle of Mons was a conflict between the Drumontian French State and the Kingdom of Belgium over the issue of rattachisme. Mons, one of the two major sites of this political ideology, was invaded ("liberated") by French troops attempting to protect rattachist rioters from Belgian attack. When Belgian troops were fired upon, the Battle began. Eventually, this battle would prove to be one of the most important events of human history, as it was the catalyst for the Great War. The Battle of Mons is considered by a plurality of historians as the first event of the Belgian Theatre of the War.

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