Battle of Monkton
Part of the American Civil War
Date June 29, 1858-July 1nd, 1858
Location Monkton, Baltimore County, Maryland
Result Federation Retreat
United States Federated States
Commanders and leaders
Robert E. Lee George B. McClellan
61,000 36,000
Casualties and losses
5,500 4,500

The Battle of Monkton was an improtant battle in the Baltimore Campaign. The Federation sent a smaller force for a deceptive invasion. Meanwhile, they sent another force to invade from Western Maryland, and that force would be led by Ulysses S. Grant. McClellan was told to retreat from the first major confrontation no matter what, but after a day or two of fighting. Their goal, however, was not to advance, but to create tactical difficulties for Robert E. Lee's Army. This was done mainly through artillery fire and aggressive tactics. 

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