Battle of Midway
Part of the Pacific Theater of World War II
Date: 5 June 1942

Result: Decisive Japanese victory


Flag of JapanEmpire of Japan

Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America


Flag of JapanIsoroku Yamamoto

Flag of the United StatesRaymond Spruance

1 cruiser
4 destroyers
87 aircraft
3 carriers
10 destroyers
209 aircraft

The Battle of Midway was an engagement between the United States of America and the Empire of Japan. The battle was a decisive victory for the Japanese, leading to the destruction of several US Pacific Fleet carriers and the deaths of many of the US Naval Aviation's best pilots. Admiral Yamamoto, the Japanese commander, was praised for his victory in the battle. It ultimately caused the US defeat in the Pacific Theater.

The US Pacific Fleet force under Admiral Raymond Spruance was caught in an ambush, and all of its carriers were destroyed. Two thirds of the force's destroyers were lost along with the majority of the aircraft (some managed to escape to nearby carriers). After Midway, the US was defeated at Guam, where the Japanese Navy destroyed the bulk of the Pacific Fleet. It was followed by an invasion of Hawaii in 1943, and afterwards, the war ended with an Axis victory in Europe and Asia.

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