Battle of Middletown
Part of the American Civil War
Date November 14, 1857-November 15, 1857
Location Warren County and Butler County, Ohio
Result Federation victory; Union Retreat
United States Federated States
Commanders and leaders

Simon B. Buckner

Jubal Early

William S. Rosencrans (WIA)

Units involved

Army of Central Kentucky

Army of the Cumberland

Army of the Ohio

~61,000 ~59,500
Casualties and losses
~15,750 ~13,600

The Battle of Middletown was the key battle of the Columbus Campaign in the American Civil War. It spelled the failure of that campaign, with a major Federation victory,  and caused a Union retreat. Although William S. Rosencrans was the Commander of the Union Army, James A. Garfield was the real hero for the Federation, after taking over for William S. Rosencrans when he was wounded. Rosencrans would retire from the army after being wounded, and James A. Garfield would assume control of the Army of the Ohio. Rosencrans would recover and become a Representative from Ohio in 1858, amidst the Civil War. 

The battle was a vital victory for the Federation, and fended off the attempt at dividing the country through Union control of Ohio.

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