Battle of Merzig
Part of Eleven Years' War
Date May 2, 1738
Location 6 miles south of Merzig, Brabant.
Result Destruction of the Brabanter army.
Pavillon royal de France Kingdom of France

SV-BrittanyFlag Duchy of Brittany

Coat of arms of Brabant Duchy of Brabant
Commanders and leaders
Pavillon royal de France Devreu de Marmon Coat of arms of Brabant Alfons Koeman
77,000 infantry

12,000 light cavalry and dragoons

90 cannon

13,000 infantry (over half pikemen)

800 light cavalry

Casualties and losses
200 infantry killed, 870 infantry wounded

about 2,000 cavalry killed and wounded

10,000 infantry killed wounded or captured

all cavalry killed

Exact numbers are unavailable for the number of Brabanter casualties.