Battle of Meolo Field
Part of Rebellion of Venice
Battle of Meolo 2
Date 18 March 1206
Location Meolo Field, Italy
Result Republican Victory
Republic of Venice Venetian Rebels
Commanders and leaders
Pietro Ziani Roberto Faliero
10-12,000 800-1100
Casualties and losses

26 killed
74 wounded
30 captured/missing


487 killed
400 wounded
13 missing

The Battle of Meolo, 1206, was a turning point for the Venetian army during the Rebellion of Venice 1205-1206. It happened on the field of Meolo and forced the Venetian rebels to retreat to the East.

The battle was won due to the sheer force of the surprise attack by the Army, a Republican force of over 12,000 verses a puny Rebellion force of just over 1000.

The battle was over in less than one hour after it started and caused a bottleneck effect in the Rebellion Side.