Battle of Koposvar

The Battle of Koposvar was a decisive battle for the Byzantine Empire in its Hungarian campaign, almost completely destroying what remained of the Hungarian army that had rallied to defend the heartland of Hungary.

The Battle of Koposvar
Antagonists: The Byzantine Empire
Alt History Byzantium Flag

The Kingdom of Hungary
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Byzantine: 132

Hungarian: 1,240 (approximate)

Results: Byzantine victory


After Byzantium declared war on Hungary, it met with great military successes, due to terrible leadership on the Hungarian's side. Furthermore, the troops that emperor Epheserus led to invade Hungary were all veterans of the Holy Roman campaign.


The Byzantine army had been alerted by its scouts of t
Battle of Koposvar

Byzantine infantry and cavalry against desperate knife-wielding Hungarian horse archers.

he Hungarian army marching to oppose it, and had been drawn up on a large hill prior to the battle. The emperor, wanting to take the enemy by surprise, ordered his infantry to charge down the hill, with archers backing them up. However, he had heavy cavalry and and mounted archers hidden behind the crest of the hill. When the Hungarian troops were well and truly engaged, he ordered his cavalry to charge down the hill and attack. The results were devastating. The Hungarians had kept mounted archers and archers behind their army, and they were mercilessly slaughtered by the Kataphractoi and Lancers. The cavalry then regrouped and charged the demoralized Hungarian infantry, sweeping them from the field.
Battle of Koposvar Diagram

As the infantry attacked the Hungarian battle line, the cavalry swept in from the flanks and crushed the Hungarian archers and cavalry.