Battle of Komárno
Date October 14 - October 17, 1938
Place Komárno, Czechoslovakia
Result Hungarian victory
Kingdom of Hungary (1920–1946) Hungary Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Hungary (1920–1946) Maj.Gen. Milán Temessy
(CO of II. Corps)
(CO of 20. divize "Bernolák")

The Battle of Komárno (also known as the Siege of Komárno) was a battle involving Hungarian and Czechoslovak forces that took place between October 14 and 17, 1938, near the town of Komárno. After two days of heavy fighting for the stronghold in the town, some of the Czech forces managed to successfully withdraw, while the remaining held out another day until they surrendered in the morning of October 17.

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