The Battle of Kialgory, termed in Alaska as the Second Battle for Kialgory, was a military engagement waged between March 19th and April 11th, 1886, in and around the Alaskan frontier city of Kialgory, which was captured by the Americans in the early fall of 1884 and had been their base of operations for the ensuing year and a half of war. The battle was part of an effort by the now-reinforced and resupplied Alaskan Army of the East to recapture lost territory held by the Americans. Despite receiving 65,000 new recruits in early March, a surprise attack against Mikhailgrad caught American General Howard Luther unprepared and forced him to divide his men in half to defend the city. With his forces spread thin, Luther was forced to retreat from Kialgory after a cavalry charge against the east flank of the Alaskan force failed to break their ranks. The battle was regarded as a major victory for Alaska.

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