Battle of Königgrätz
The Battle of Königgrätz
The Battle of Königgrätz, 3-5 July 1866
Date 3-5 July 1866
Location Königgrätz, Austrian Empire
Result Decisive Austrian victory
Flag of Prussia Prussia Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Austrian Empire
Flag of Saxony Saxony
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Prussia Helmuth von Moltke
Kingdom of Prussia (1983: Doomsday) Prince Friedrich Karl
Flag of Prussia Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm
Flag of Prussia General Herwarth von Bittenfeld
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Ludwig von Benedek
221,000 Prussians
702 guns
215,000 Austrians
23,000 Saxons
650 guns
Casualties and losses
31,895 killed
18,237 wounded
1,940 horses
2,000 captured
7,793 killed
1,500 missing
3,641 wounded

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