Battle of Glorieta Pass

Part of the War for Southern Independence

March 26, 1862


March 28, 1862


New Mexico Territory; modern-day Santa Fe County and San Miguel County, New Mexico


Confederate and Californian Victory


United States of America

Confederate States of America



John P. Slough

John M. Chivington

Charles L. Pyron

William R. Scurry

George S. Evans



Confederacy 1,100

California 1,200

Casualties and Losses

The Battle of Glorieta Pass, fought from March 26 to 28, 1862 in northern New Mexico Territory, was the decisive battle of the New Mexico Campaign during the War for Southern Independence. Dubbed the "Gettysburg of the West". It was fought at Glorieta Pass in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in what is now New Mexico, and was an important event in the history of the New Mexico Territory in the War for Southern Independence.

New Mexico Campaign

The Confederacy had organized the Confederate Arizona Territory in 1862, a claim that included the southern halves of modern Arizona and New Mexico, after secession moves by residents. The territory had its capital at Mesilla, outside modern Las Cruces. The strategic aim was to capture the gold and silver mines in California and Colorado Territory and the ports in southern California.

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