The Battle of Gibraltar, also known as the Invasion of Gibraltar, was the joint invasion of British Gibraltar by Nazi Germany and Spain. The invasion took place in June 20, following the previous invasion of France. The battle was the first battle involving Spain in World War II.

Germany planned to invade Gibraltar so it could close off the Meditteranean from the west, as well bring Spain into the war. On the morning of June 20 a surprise bombing attack by the Luftwaffe destroyed several Royal Navy ships docked. Spanish and Germany infantry then attacked the area, conquering it by the next day. The battle was a complete success for the Axis, with minimum casualties.

The battle marked Spain's involvement and support of the Germans in the North Africa campaign. The loss was demoralizing for the British, who had control Gibraltar for a couple of centuries. One of the most iconic pictures of the war is the planting of the Spanish flag on the Rock of Gibraltar.