Battle of Gibraltar

15th June 1968


20th June 1968




Spanish Victory:
•Gibraltar annexed into Spain with high autonomy

•British Troops evacuate to Malta


Flag of Spain (1945 - 1977)Francoist Spain

Flag of GibraltarGibraltar


Francisco Franco

Sir Alfred Ward


Spanish Armed Forces

  • Spanish Army

British Armed Forces

  • British Army
    • Royal Gibraltar Regiment
  • Royal Navy
Casualties and Losses
The Battle of Gibraltar was an invasion of the former British Crown Colony of Gibraltar, which was left greatly weakened and undefended after the war.


As it became obvious that the Spanish State was not yet in a position to retake its former lands, a plan was formulated to invade Gibraltar. Formally a British Crown Colony, the Great Nuclear War meant that it lost communications with the United Kingdom. Virtually undefended, on the 15th June 1968 Spain invaded Gibraltar. Whilst originally putting up fierce resistance, by the 20th, the defending troops and hundreds of Gibraltarians, British citizens, and British soldiers boarded boats and evacuated, the largest number coming to Malta. Gibraltar was then annexed by the Spanish with the iconic photo of Spanish troops raising the Spanish flag on top of the Rock, marking the end of almost 200 years of British rule.

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