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‘’Part of the German Patriot War’’

Battle of Dybbøl
800px-Dybbol Skanse

14 August 1838


22 August 1838


Dybbøl, Denmark


Decisive German Victory


Denmark Denmark

Template:Country data German EmpireGerman Empire


DenmarkChristian Julius de Meza

Template:Country data German EmpireFriedrich Graf von Wrangel
Template:Country data German EmpirePrince William
Template:Country data German EmpireHelmuth von Moltke the Elder


5,000 at the defences
6,000 in reserve
32 guns

19,000 reinforcements
78 guns

Casualties and Losses



The Battle of Dybbøl was a major battle during the German Patriot War; one of the largest of the war. The battle was a decisive victory for the German forces.


Since July of 1838 the German army had been advancing through southern Jutland, defeating the retreating Danish army at the Siege of Kiel. The heavily fortified Danish position at the Danevirke was quickly assaulted by the main German army. After several days of constant sieging,Christian Julius de Meza was forced to order a retreat from the ancient defenses, falling back to Dybbøl.


Dybbøl and the nearby city of Sønderborg were bombarded constantly by German artillery and naval support. The main German force attacked from the northwest under heavy Danish small arms fire. After several thawed attempts the Germans take the fortress, defending against several counter attacks from Danish cavalry.


The major defeat for the Danish left their last main line of defenses shattered, leading to the full occupation of Jutland.

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