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Battle of Dugny, also called the Battle of Dugny and Gonesse or the Battle of Paris (rarely used term) was a military engagement on September 28-29, 1845, during the War of Napoleonic Succession, in which the pro-Louisian forces under Paul Seychard arriving from Nancy and the forces under Ricard Murburrien, fresh off of victory at Waterloo a month earlier, met the I and II Corps of the Imperial Army at two communes immediately outside of Paris. After an inconclusive first day of battle, a two-pronged cavalry offensive against the flanks of the heavily outnumbered pro-Napoleonic forces forced a surrender early in the second day by George Moreau, the commander of the Imperial forces. The pro-Louisian forces marched into Paris the next day and the Emperor Napoleon II surrendered himself for abdication, making Dugny the last major engagement of the war and a symbolic end to the first definable era of the French Empire.

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