The Battle of Dresden was a four-month campaign at Dresden in the Central Department of the French Empire between January and April of 1941, during the French Civil War. It constituted some of the most violent fighting of the war and resulted in the combined deaths of nearly three million, most of whom were civilians. An estimated 450,000 Allied soldiers perished in the fighting, along with about 1,000,000 Imperial forces and 1.5 million civilians, who died of starvation, friendly fire and gas attacks. The battle ended in a pyrrhic victory for the Imperial forces, who eventually managed to secure permanent control of the city, although the Edmondian forces were never really able to recover from the staggering losses in manpower, downed aircraft and scuttled tanks from the fighting. As a direct result, the Imperials were unable to dislodge the Allies from Prague in late May in an another devastating battle and were ill-equipped to ward off the Turks during the Carpathian Offensive a month later. Many military historians consider Dresden to be the turning point of the war in the favor of the European Alliance.

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