First Battle of Cincinnati
Part of American Civil War
Date September 10, 1857-September 16, 1857
Location Cincinnati, Ohio and Ohio RIver
Result Union victory
United States Federated States
Commanders and leaders
  • Richard Lucian Page
  • Jubal Early
  • Simon B. Buckner
  • Andrew Hull Foote
  • William S. Rosencrans
  • James A Garfield
Naval Strength
  • 6 ironclads
  • 4 rams
  • 3 gunboats
  • 1 ironclad
  • 5 rams
  • 5 gunboats
Land Strength
~9,000 ~2,500
Casualties and losses

~150 killed

~1,000 wounded

2 ships downed

~100 killed

~400 wounded

~2,000 captured

~50 civilians dead

6 ships downed

The Battle of Cincinnati was both a Naval and land Battle. It was the first battle on the Columbus Campaign, the first battle on the little recognized "Central Front", and was a make or break battle for that Campaign. The Union first engaged in a naval battle against the Federation, blockading Cincinnati and shutting off its access to the Ohio River. Then Jubal Early's group of troops came to Cincinnati from Covington, Kentucky, while Simon B. Buckner's troops came through Newport, Kentucky. The Battle caused a Federation retreat, and their abandonment of the city. This meant that they had effectively given naval control of the Ohio River to the Union, sending the rest of their ships to Pittsburgh and Evansville. This battle lead to the ability to launch the Columbus campaign, a campaign to capture the Ohio capital and split up the Federation.

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