The battle of Chuluut river

Great Khagan Gün Temür personally leads his 10.000 proffesional Mongolian horsemen, along with 40.000 raised horsemen, winning the battle of Chuluut river, against a coalition of rebel armies, as well as being a competent commander, after he hide the majority of his horsemen nearby, so they are not spotted by the rebels, executed a couple of nobles that are relatives of the rebel commanders, tricking them into crossing the river with fury to take revenge, that resulted into a decisive victory, with the scattered remnants of the rebels being pursued and most of them either captured of killed. The whole army then proceeds to eliminate any last pockets of resistance throughout the nation, crushing various rebellious tribes and nobles such as Buryat, Khalka, Oirats and many other smaller tribes, that were not present in the battle of Chuluut river.

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