Battle of Capraia
Part of Polish Revolutionary Wars
Date 14th June 1798
Location Ligurian Sea, off the coast of Capraia
Result Anglo-Corsican victory
Great Britain France
Commanders and leaders
Horatio Nelson

Felice Baciocchi

François-Paul Brueys d'Aigalliers †
Units involved
38 ships 45 ships
Casualties and losses
412 killed

985 wounded
3 ships destroyed

2400 killed

1611 wounded
12 ships destroyed
8 ships captured

The Battle of Capraia was a naval battle fought on the 14th June, 1798, between the allied British and Corsican navies and a French supply fleet sent to reinforce the troops occupying the port of Bastia. It resulted in a decisive Allied victory, as a consequence of which the French were forced to withdraw their troops from Corsica and end their ambitions to conquer the island.

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