The Battle of Cape Finnistere was a naval engagement off the coast of Cape Finnistere, Galicia, Spain. The battle concluded in a decisive Franco-Spanish victory against Admiral Robert Calder's English fleet, allowing the Franco-Spanish fleet to invade Britan..

Battle Timeline

July 22nd, 1805

1:00 PM - The fleets first sight each other.

5:00 PM - The action begins, but in the fog it becomes a confused melee.

5:20 PM - The Frisk, at the rear of the line, finds itself overwhelmed by the Spanish ship San Rafael cutting it off from the English fleet.

5:30 PM - The Hero takes fire from the Spanish ship Terrible as the French ship Hermione fires upon the Frisk.

5:40 PM - The Argonauta, the Spanish flagship of Frederico Gravino, takes fire from the Hero.

5:45 PM - San Rafael takes possession of Frisk after a confused melee between the two ships.

5:50 PM - The Spanish ship Fime fires upon the Hero.

6:00 PM - The French ship Rhin cuts off Sirius from the English fleet.

6:20 PM - After a brief melee, Rhin is severely damaged but Sirius is captured.

6:30 PM - The Hero is aided by Triumph, Triumph firing upon Terrible.

6:35 PM - Triumph is captured by Fime.

6:45 PM - The fleets begin to drift apart.

7:00 PM - Action ceases.


The English fleet suffered major losses. Triumph, Sirius and Frisk, all English ships, were captured in the battle. The English fleet's Hero was severely damaged, and several other English ships were damaged in the crossfire. Rhin, a French ship, was severely damaged, and the Franco-Spanish ships of Fime, Terrible, Argonauta, and San Rafael were damaged.

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