Template:Complete Battle InfoboxThe Battle of Cape Finnistere was a naval engagement off the coast of Cape Finnistere, Galicia, Spain. The battle concluded in a decisive Franco-Spanish victory against the English fleet, allowing the Franco-Spanish fleet to continue their journey to Brest, rendezvous with the rest of their fleet, and continue with their plan for the Channel Crusade of 1805.


The battle was relatively drawn out, as the fog blinded much of the crew -- the reason why only one ship sunk due to cannon fire. The Franco-Spanish fleet used the fog to their advantage and boarded three English ships, all of which were captured. The damages to the ships were mainly hull and cannon damages, as when the ships were close enough to properly aim the cannons through the fog, hitting the rigging was difficult.


The English fleet suffered major losses. Three English ships, all with moderate damage to their portside cannons, were captured in the battle. One English ship's rigging and hull was severely damaged and later sunk due to the hull damage, and about 5 other English ships were damaged in the crossfire, mostly cannon and hull damage. One French ship had its starboard cannons heavily damaged, but managed to return to France with the fleet, and four Franco-Spanish ships were damaged, mostly cannon and hull damage.

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