The Battle of Cario was a bloody battle fought between the Anti-Caliphate Coalition and the Caliphate. It was the most bloody battle ever fought in the 21st Century and marked the end of the Caliphate's rampage over the Middle East and North Africa and the end of the War Against Terror. The battle was fought from the 1st October 2014-28th October 2014 when the last Caliphate bunker was taken by coalition forces.


Early Days of the Battle (1st-10th)

10th October-20th October

Final days of the Battle


On the 10th October 2014 half of the Caliphate's leaders decided to escape Cairo. They were successful as they disguised themselves as refugees. They then made the long journey from Cairo to Damascus where they were planning to hide out until the battle ended. Obviously the battle ended in Coalition victory and the leaders had to stay in Damascus.

With the Caliphate defeated, the leaders decided to take advantage of this situation and started to rebel on East Syria. Within two months they had a successful rebellion and took a lot of land in Syria. The world d

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